Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back yet again.

I've just been in a different time zone and I think I saw Robert in a space suite, or maybe Comeinyourpants has been playing around with Photo Shop or whatever it's called. Anyway, I'm back for a little while.
(DTZ) Bill


  1. Calling all Guys!

    Bad news. My new medication is also an anti-psychotic. This means that it will fix my schizophrenia and you will also disappear. Sorry about that. Thanks for coming.

  2. Sorry Bill but I have to let you go. You haven't been pulling your weight around here lately and have been buggering off a bit too often. Anyway, I've recruited a new Guy - 'Pregnant Guy'. I'm hoping to get my leg over when she's not pregnant and I promised her a spot so Goodbye and thanks for coming.