Monday, December 18, 2017

D.T.Z. Bill severely hurt in vicious unprovoked attack.

Different Time Zone Bill
Richard (of RBB): Different Time Zone Bill is in a serious but stable condition after being viciously attacked while on time zoning duty. Reports are still coming in but D.T.Z.Bill is heavily sedated and unable to give his account of the incident.
It appears that a person called Gardener 2 is claiming responsibility for the brutal  attack - see Here.

As yet the RBB Blog Police have not been called in because The Bass Bagging Confederation may be planning a more direct response. The near the BBC are suggesting that Baxter may become directly involved.

The Curmudgeon Inc. should be ashamed if they have instigated any of this. Please let me assure them that, if this is the case, at the very least they'll be looking for a new gardener. One without a sword wound in his neck.

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  1. That's Gardener not Gardiner but hey, I guess it goes with all of the other misspellings in this post.