Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Great news as Different Time Zone Bill fully recovers.

Hi, it's me, Bill.

I'm just back back from a time skip into the distant future where I was helped by some very advanced doctors.*

The room I had (will have?) in a medifoster facility in 3126.

I'm now feeling great. I decided it was time to learn a bit of self defence, so I studied the martial art of Sim Quan Ditto in 2942.
Watch out anyone who wants to have a piece of me now!

* this far in the future they're actually called 'medifosterers'


  1. What a gyp!
    In Star Trek or some space fiction nonsense I once saw the doctor had some kind of magic wand that he ran across someones body thereby fixing them immediately.
    Thy didn't have a medifostering unit.

  2. Get with the (future) times old boy!
    Different Time Zone Bill (Sim Quan Ditto Master)

  3. Hugh Laurie (Dr House) would have sorted it eventually in our own time zone.

  4. In think time was of the essence in this case. D. T. Z. B. took the best option available.

  5. So Bill - how's the knee?
    I hear that Richard's dumped you. You didn't see that coming - ha, ha ha.